Finding those Emails

When your company is in dispute with another company, it can pay to be able to go back to your emails and find out exactly who said what and when.

Full ediscovery solutions like Clearwell, can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for just a single case.

While expensive, this cost can make attractive the otherwise dubious option of paying a floor full of interns to load individual PST files from people of interest into Outlook, one by one, and searching for key terms, hoping to find the relevant conversations.

Luckily, there will soon be an affordable middle ground – a comprehensive indexing and search tool for Microsoft PST and OST files. Based on the same search technology underlying such companies as Netflix and LinkedIn, Askur’s PST review tool will launch next year.

Here’s a sneak peak at the testing UI:


Stay tuned for updates and please use the form below to sign up to be a beta tester!

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