We believe that the answers to challenging business problems can only be found by a thorough analysis of the facts.

We believe in a user-centric, purpose-driven model of information management, where your needs define your software tools, rather than having your options restricted because you lack the right tools for the job.

We believe in providing our clients nothing less than the absolute best custom tools for turning piles of data into meaningful information, actionable knowledge and value-adding wisdom.

Data Information Knowledge Wisdom

Expert Data Mining from PDF, text, databases, Outlook archives, Word documents, archived files and more.

Create versatile data structures and tools on various platforms such as MySQL, Microsoft Access and Excel.

Create tools to generate reports in CSV, Excel Workbooks, Access Databases, MySQL Databases, PDF, plain text and many more.

We are proud to offer design, development and support of custom tools for platforms including Word, Excel, Access and Outlook. Services include:

Database design – data and interface: Many organizations have their abilities limited by their ad hoc data storing methods. I believe your needs should define your data instead. Let us design data structures and interface tools that will allow you to keep your data in a versatile, normalized form so that unforseen future needs can be easily accomodated while still being usable by non-technical employees.

Custom tools: Do you have timeline data in Excel you’d like to see represented graphically automatically on the fly? Wouldn’t it be neat if you could click a button and the invoice relevant to your current spreadsheet line would open rather than digging through folders? Microsoft Office provides a rich programming environment that means the sky’s the limit. Let us turn your business needs into custom tools that increase customer value.

Repairing and Upgrading Existing Spreadsheets and Databases, including improving your data structures.

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